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Welcome to the Climate Greenwash Awards 2009!

Big business is keen to be part of the climate solution – and is holding its own Business Summit in Copenhagen from 24th - 26th May. The Danish government is facilitating the event. Several big carbon emitters are involved. Does big business have the real solutions to the climate crisis? Or are they trying to look green while polluting as usual?

Which company has been making the most outrageous claims to be green ahead of this year’s crucial UN climate talks in Copenhagen? Between 13 and 22 May, vistors to this website could cast a vote to decide which of the six nominated companies should win the Climate Greenwash Award.

Copenhagen, Saturday 23 May - Swedish energy giant Vattenfall has been revealed as the winner of the Climate Greenwash Award 2009 at a ceremony in Copenhagen on the eve of the World Business Summit on Climate Change.

The Danish Government was also given a special award for its role in helping establish the World Business Summit on Climate Change - which is expected to attract some of the world’s most polluting companies; for providing business lobbyists with direct, privileged access to negotiators ahead of crucial UN Climate Change talks in December [2]; and for withdrawing support for Danish wind energy and failing to meet its Kyoto targets.

Vattenfall, which won with 39% of the vote (about 2000 votes cast), was nominated for “its mastery of spin on climate change, portraying itself as a climate champion while lobbying to continue business as usual, using coal, nuclear power, and pseudo-solutions such as agrofuels and carbon capture and storage (CCS).”

See Climate Greenwash winner revealed, press release, 23 May 2009.

Vattenfall 38.96
Shell 19.35
Dong 14.4
ArcelorMittal 9.7
BP 9.34
Repsol 8.26

More information on Vattenfall and the five other nominees.

What’s the problem?

Business has promoted false solutions to the climate crisis in the past. At previous UN climate talks, business backed carbon trading and offsetting as the main ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions –allowing them to evade actual cuts. Now business wants a global carbon market, and financial support for so-called climate-friendly technologies – carbon capture and storage (CCS), nuclear energy and agrofuels. Corporations say we can carry on burning coal and oil – they will find ways to bury the problem. Governments are listening, but these false solutions will delay real carbon cuts. We need climate action now.
Read more about the false solutions proposed by business.

Who’s behind the Business Summit?

The World Business Summit on Climate Change is organised by the Copenhagen Climate Council, Combat Climate Change (3C), World Economic Forum, UN Global Compact, the Climate Group and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). It is backed by the Danish Government, which has promised business influence at the December talks.
Read more about the convenors of the Business Summit on Climate Change.

About the Climate Greenwash Awards

Nominations for the Climate Greenwash Awards 2009 have been revealed on Wednesday 13th May. Voting closes on Friday 22 May, 12:00 CEST. The Climate Greenwash Awards 2009 are organised by Corporate Europe Observatory, Attac Denmark, The Climate Movement, ClimaX and Friends of the Earth Denmark to challenge the corporate capture of the UN climate talks.